On Friday 19th January 2018 at 8.30pm the Annual General Meeting will be held at the Clubhouse, Spa Esplanade, Herne Bay, Kent.

Subscriptions were due on 1st March 2017. In order to vote at the AGM any outstanding subs for the current year should be paid to the Club Treasurer forthwith.

Membership rates are: Rowing £120.00, Student Rowing £60.00 (Social Rowing membership 50% of these rates), Social membership £20.00 (or £10 if joined after 1st September), Coxswains £5.00, OAP £8.00.


  1. President’s opening remarks.
  2. Apologies for absence.
  3. Adoption of the 2017 minutes as circulated.
  4. Matters arising.
  5. Chairman’s report.
  6. Treasurer’s report.
  7. Questions for the Treasurer.
  8. Adoption of Treasurers report.
  9. Election of officers:
    • President,
    • Chairman,
    • Vice Chairman,
    • Hon. Secretary,
    • Hon. Treasurer,
    • Regatta secretary,
    • Hon. Auditors,
    • Captain,
    • Vice-Captain,
    • Safety officer,
    • Child welfare officer,
    • 6 Committee posts (4 Rowing members and 2 Social members).

At the recent South Coast Championships there were official Event photographers- DE Photo - and their photographs can be viewed and purchased from their site at -

To find the photos - "Search by Date" at the bottom of the page - click on "Find". Click on 2nd September, 2017 on the Calendar - and a list of events will be displayed on the Right Hand side. Scroll down to "South Coast Rowing Championships" and click on the arrow.

There are also video highlights of the South Coast Championships from media partners South Coast Journalism at :

The 2017 (61st) South Coast Rowing Championships & 12th Under 16 Regatta were hosted by The Hants and Dorset ARA at Dorney Lake, Eton on Saturday the 2nd September 2017.

Results of the Herne Bay crews are shown below - the highlight being Heidi and Poppy's win in the Girls J14 Double

Poppy and Heidi win for herne Bay at the south coast championships 2017

Unluckiest crew of the day were the Junior 4 - drawn in the heat with the 2 fastest crews they didn't make the final but with a time that would have easily won either of the other 2 heats.

Junior Results

Morning Events - 1000 Metres

Event 11A Girls J14 4X+ Heat 1 10:14

PosEv/LnNo. - ClubCrewTimeM/Sec
111/1103 Castledore AM Rose-Hunter4:06.014.1
211/4106 Herne Bay AN Kelly4:14.203.9
311/2104 Bideford Reds AC Skene-Smith4:35.263.6
411/3105 BTC AM Margeson4:54.513.4

Event 17A Boys J16 C4X+ Final 11:00

PosEv/LnNo. - ClubCrewTimeM/Sec
117/1122 Newport AT Batchelor3:58.314.2
217/4125 Poole AJ Hoyland4:06.264.1
317/3124 Ryde AT Starkey4:07.424.0
417/2123 Herne Bay AT Jeffries4:10.784.0
517/7154 BexhilE Iowe4:28.643.7
617/6127 Southsea AA Jeffrey4:41.573.6

Event 18A Girls J16 C4X+ Final 11:07

PosEv/LnNo. - ClubCrewTimeM/Sec
118/767 Lymington AA Melin4:17.283.9
218/3130 Herne Bay AE Ling4:22.313.8
318/4131 Deal AL Mullaney4:39.643.6
418/2129 Worthing AO Griggs4:41.213.6
518/5132 Poole AE Smith4:42.753.5
618/6133 Shoreham AB Watton5:35.963.0

Event 21A Girls J14 2X Final 11:35

PosEv/LnNo. - ClubCrewTimeM/Sec
121/4144 Herne Bay AH White4:22.833.8
221/2142 Itchen AE Marshall-Cox4:38.763.6
321/1141 Bideford Reds AL Gasiorowski4:49.693.5
421/5145 Ryde AG Bolland5:05.833.3

Event 27A Girls J14 4X+ Final 12:05

PosEv/LnNo. - ClubCrewTimeM/Sec
127/1103 Castledore AM Rose-Hunter4:03.514.1
227/5108 Shanklin AS Phelan4:13.993.9
327/3110 Bideford Reds BZ Droppa4:21.253.8
427/4106 Herne Bay AN Kelly4:24.003.8
527/6104 Bideford Reds AC Skene-Smith4:34.253.6
627/2107 Coalporters AM Chapman4:55.413.4

Event 30A Boys J16 4X+ Final 12:26

PosEv/LnNo. - ClubCrewTimeM/Sec
130/5158 Dartmouth AJ Pichowski3:32.814.7
230/4157 Christchurch AO Leatrry3:37.794.6
330/3156 Bideford Blues AJ Berry3:43.034.5
430/2155 Newport AD Batchelor3:59.864.2
530/1153 Itchen AM Slavik4:03.164.1
630/6137 Herne Bay AG Thomas4:10.314.0

Senior Results

Afternoon Events - 2000 Metres

Event 33A Master Championship 13:36

PosEv/LnNo. - ClubCrewTimeM/Sec
133/21 Folkestone -CARA-S Tupper7:58.004.2
233/34 Coalporters -H&D-R Quinton8:04.104.1
333/55 Itchen -H&D-D Hodges8:14.364.0
433/43 Poole -H&D-M Bettley-Smith8:16.344.0
533/12 Herne Bay -CARA-J Cox8:22.264.0

Event 34A Ladies Novice Four Heat 1 13:42

PosEv/LnNo. - ClubCrewTimeM/Sec
134/5203 Coalporters APip Naylor9:27.443.5
234/3201 Herne Bay AG Shelton9:44.203.4
334/1199 Southsea AAmanda Matthews9:52.793.4
434/2200 Deal BEmily Kent9:58.803.3
534/4202 Newport ABethany Walpole-Davis10:23.103.2

Event 38A Ladies Junior Championship 14:28

PosEv/LnNo. - ClubCrewTimeM/Sec
138/49 Ryde -H&D-C Edmonds8:35.123.9
238/17 Shoreham -CARA-M Shaw8:49.573.8
338/512 Bideford Blues-8:57.013.7
438/3Herne Bay 8:57.723.7
538/210 Itchen -H&D-L Fagan9:11.293.6
638/68 Worthing -CARA-S Bailey9:25.243.5

Event 47A Mens Junior Four Heat 2 15:55

PosEv/LnNo. - ClubCrewTimeM/Sec
147/1261 Bexhill BSam McCoriston7:57.364.2
247/3263 Shanklin AJ Robertson7:58.874.2
347/6266 Herne Bay AM Marques8:02.134.1
447/2262 BTC AMatt Chadwick8:08.774.1
547/7267 Newport AFinlay Bamlett8:25.954.0
647/4264 Christchurch BSimon Cannon8:30.663.9

Event 53A Mens Senior Four Final 16:57

PosEv/LnNo. - ClubCrewTimeM/Sec
153/7181 Bexhill AMark Mitchell7:27.804.5
253/5190 Southsea AWill Mahoney7:39.684.4
=353/2189 Coalporters AZach Williams7:43.994.3
=353/4187 Folkestone AJ Leppard7:43.994.3
553/3185 Herne Bay AR Hosking7:44.234.3
653/6183 Deal AJustin Dodrill7:44.534.3
753/1182 BTC ASimon Edwards7:45.764.3

Event 56A Ladies Novice Four Final 17:28

PosEv/LnNo. - ClubCrewTimeM/Sec
156/6205 Poole AJess Frame9:22.463.6
256/5203 Coalporters APip Naylor9:28.893.5
356/4201 Herne Bay AG Shelton9:42.963.4
456/2208 Deal AMegan Tribe9:52.233.4
556/3207 Bexhill AMolly Granson9:55.063.4
656/1199 Southsea AAmanda Matthews10:33.533.2

July 2017 News

The weather was kind to us and the Regatta went ahead as planned.
The slightly choppy waters calmed as the day went on - perfect conditions for lots of good racing
However some delayed starts and a rerow meant that we unfortunately lost some time and the tide and could not hold the last 2 races, the safety boat had to go ashore while it was still possible.

Full Results now on the website

June 2017 News