Both Bradley and Lewis Perry-French, brothers (and identical twins) have worked incredibly hard throughout their rowing career, which started four years ago when they were only 13 years old.

In the last couple of years they have both really shone and moved to the top of their game. They have achieved great things by gaining a world record, a handful of British records, winning every CARA race in the 2021 Junior/Senior category but also winning the prestigious South Coast Championship race for Junior/Senior by a long shot!

We asked Lewis and Bradley a few questions about rowing and to give us any tips.

What’s your favourite race to compete in?

L: It’s the pair or double with Bradley.

B: I would say my favourite race to compete in would be the pair.

How else do you keep fit other than rowing?

L: I keep fit by weight training, going for the occasional run, cycling and core work.

B: I go on bike rides, long walks and do the odd running. I also build strength with weights. I’m looking forward to getting fully recovered from my back injury and hopefully win some senior pairs and senior 4+ with some hard training during the summer.

What do you love most about rowing?

L: I love being in the outdoors and socialising with people and making new friends.

B: I love the people involved, the team spirits and the overall atmosphere. Rowing can be calming when you have great weather and calm water. I love the thought of being on the open sea and watching the Herne Bay sunsets.

What tip would you suggest to anyone new wanting to start up rowing?

L: Keep the consistency and try to stick to a program that will help you progress with guidance and that helps motivation. Also, as a lightweight, getting the right calorie intake and not starving yourself is very important (which I’ve done before), and remember to drink plenty!

B: If I was to suggest someone wanting to start the sport it would be to not give up! Rowing is a great sport but it takes time to get the best you can be. So be dedicated and hardworking and you will enjoy the sport and try not to overtrain, otherwise you’ll become fatigued and will take the fun away from it!

They’re both looking forward to competing with each other and their crew (Will White and Luke Taylor) again when the racing season starts again in March (look at the 2022 racing calendar for more information). In 2022 they will race the senior category, so watch this space. These young lads are set to go far. Good luck to them both!